Monday, October 20, 2014

It is You Who is Responsible for How You Feel

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Other people can't make you feel bad.  They can't force a feeling upon you.  You have the choice to let something affect you or not.  It's all up to you.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Do You Have the Program for Success?

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Neuroscientists agree that 95% to 99% of what your life looks like, and how you feel, is just the subconscious programs and beliefs playing out.  Trying to change your life without changing your subconscious programs can be difficult at best.  That is why change usually seems like hard work.  My favourite method of subconscious change is the same one Dr. Bruce Lipton prefers - PSYCH-K.  It easily uncovers the blocks that are below the level of your conscious awareness and allows you to change them quickly and easily.  Not only is it important to be clear about where you want to go, but also to have your subconscious programs going in the same direction that you are!  

Many very successful people do not understand that we cannot just follow their advice (their recipe for success) and have the same results that they do.  If another person had the same supportive subconscious programs that the "successful" person with advice had, then similar success is quite likely.  However most people are doing an uphill battle against their subconscious programs that are sabotaging the degree of success they experience in their life, regardless of how hard they try.  It is of utmost importance to work with a mentor, facilitator, or coach who has all the necessary tools to allow you to discover the programs you have (below the level of conscious awareness) that are going the opposite direction of the way you choose to go - and change them into programs and beliefs that support you and your endeavours.  When you do this you are then able to obtain the success you desire.

This is one of the reasons why people reach varying degrees of success working with professional mentors, facilitators, and coaches.  Another reason for varying degrees of change is intensity.  Intensity creates change.    Problems herein lies when someone continuously works hard towards something they are passionate about, without results (due to subconscious programs going the other direction).  What happens is the person loses hope and "steam" and their intensity drops.

It's my joy to work with PSYCH-K, BodyTalk, ThetaHealing, Quantum Touch, Reiki, Access Consciousness, Reconnective Healing and other processes and modalities to bring about true deep subconscious shifts and changes to support you in your endeavours.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Sitting on the Fence?

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Lately I've heard so many people talk about decisions in their life that are really big - and really hard to make!  They've been "sitting on the fence", so to speak.  And sometimes they are being hard on themselves for doing it.

Well I have another take on that.  If you aren't sure if you want to go left or right, why make the decision now?  Wouldn't it be better to wait until you actually feel somewhat certain about which way to go?  Makes sense to me!

So my suggestion is to go easy on yourself.  Although "sitting on the fence" isn't the most comfortable place to be for us - or for the other people involved in our decision - it's probably the best move when you aren't sure which way to go.

So accept yourself as you are, and how you are showing up in your life.  Be at peace with where you are. Allow yourself the time it takes to come to the right decision -and love yourself - even when you are "sitting on the fence".

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


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A few days ago I asked my friend why she thought it seemed to be so difficult for me to be joyful at times.  She said "You need to give yourself permission."  Wow.
So I did a check in process with PSYCH-K and some muscle testing and found that in my subconscious mind I didn't feel that it was always ethical for me to feel joyful when there is so much pain and suffering around me.
At a conscious level, I absolutely know that being in a state of joy and connectedness is absolutely the best thing I can do for the people, animals, the planet, and especially myself!  It's my vote in the collective consciousness!  But at a subconscious level, I had some programs and beliefs that it wasn't always okay.
Well I spent a few hours changing this in my subconscious and voila!  I feel so much more comfortable in my own skin when I am joyful, even when I am with people who are in a state of despair.  It's all about resonance and entrainment.  And now, I've given myself permission to go there - permission at a subconscious level.  Compassion is a high frequency, so to properly hold an effective state of compassion one must be comfortable with their own joy!
Feels like 2014 is going to be a good year. And I just wanted to share this because I believe that this topic affects all of us.  Give yourself permission to be joyful regardless of where you are.  It's your gift to the world.  And, in my opinion, feeling joy is a direct experience of the Divine, Creator, God, Source, whatever word you choose to use.  :o)

Saturday, December 7, 2013

You Cannot Change Your Life By Pointing at Someone Else

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All too often in my work as a Transformation Facilitator, people ask me how they can change their partner's behaviour so that they can be happier with their partner.  It's so difficult for people to look inside of themselves instead of pointing at the other person and attributing their own insecurities and problems to their partner's behaviour.  As within so without.  You've heard that saying a thousand times and in many different ways.  Guess what?  It's true.  :o)

Your partner will always reflect back to you what it is that is inside of you that needs healing, as will your companion animals.  If you are feeling jealous, you will attract a partner to bring that out in you.  Heal the jealousy and the whole situation changes.  Sometimes it changes more than we have bargained for - but alas, when things are healed inside of oneself, the outside does indeed change.

Have courage and look inside.  Heal yourself and strive for neutrality in the face of the behaviours of others that upset you.  It's really the only real way you can stop attracting those things that upset you.  Otherwise we just keep recreating the issue until we "get it".  Put the pointer finger down, and look inside.

Although many will say that they are ready to do this, only a few really have the courage to actually do it - when it comes down to the wire.  Do you have the courage you need to look inside of yourself???

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dropping the Need for Things to be Different with Our Loved Ones

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When it comes to being neutral and non-reactive to people and situations, it is a lot easier when it isn't close or personal.  The closer and more personal things are, the harder it is to feel okay inside ourselves when things don't look the way we'd like them to.
What is really interesting for me this summer is that I'm noticing how much I resist how my loved ones show up in my life.  I want them to be happy and peaceful and when they don't show up that way I have resistance to how they are because I'd rather see them happy!!
Well a good lesson learned this past week, and some thoughts on the matter, really helped me to understand that it's OKAY for people to feel the way they feel and to make the decisions that they make.  I don't have to agree with what they do or say or how they feel.  But as soon as it brings me down, and I feel the NEED to cheer them up so I can feel more comfortable inside, I'm on the control side of things!
So this summer my goal is to allow my loved ones to show up however it is that they show up.  Allow them to experience life with all it's ups, downs, curves and straight lines.
Reminds me of a song (old old song) by Dan Hill.  Here's an excerpt of the words:
"Welcome baby boy to a brand new world.  May the tears fall like a rainstorm from your eyes.  Looks like life kinda took ya by surprise.  Oh, surprise.
You're so tiny that is scares me, and so charged with life it makes me so happy that I think I'm gonna cry.  Life has come to meet you child, play it safe, play it wild, reach for the truth, beyond the rules, beyond the games.  Life is yours and yours alone, free to settle, free to roam.  Free to grow and free to change, or free to fight to stay the same....."
It's really about allowing, and dropping our NEED to have our loved ones be, and show up, differently in our lives.  So today and this summer, I focus on dropping my need to have things my way.  And to be comfortable and okay inside myself regardless of what others choose.
Many Blessings and have a fun weekend!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Problem with Positive Thinking

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Thinking positive is really what everyone is trying to do, and done correctly it's just great!
There are however, some clear misunderstandings about positive thinking, which can actually be very harmful.  I see this quite often when working with clients and thought it would be a good idea to clarify what positive thinking really is.
When you feel great and you are thinking that life is good, it's easy to think positive.  That's easy.  But what happens when you have a rough day and don't feel very good about life?
So many people will force themselves to think happy thoughts and block out the feelings that they are actually having in their body.  I am not talking about the stories going around in our heads, I'm talking about the actual visceral physical feelings in the body.
To disregard these feelings and push them away, like they don't exist, will just bury them in the body.  Later, of course, they produce pain, disease and discomfort.  These blockages are what prevent us from rising in consciousness as well because they have an energy signature to them that is of a lower vibration.
Rather than disregard these feelings by "thinking positive", tend to them by feeling them.  All you have to do is pay attention to the feelings and watch them.  Oberserve them neutrally.  A positive thought at this time would just be to drop the story that triggered the feeling in the body, know that the feelings are not who you are, and watch them.  Knowing that they will pass and that all is in Divine timing is also a positive thought at this time.
A very good example of this is a woman who called me because she was in terrible pain all throughout her body.  I worked with her until she started to cry and the pain began to subside.  I asked her if she had ever cried after her husband has passed.  She told me that no, she hadn't cried, and dare she feel sorry for herself!  She'd had a great life with this man who left her quite comfortable and she would not resort to crying or feeling sorry for herself.
What the pain was trying to tell her was that she was grieving for her husband, yet she pushed it away for almost a year and wouldn't feel the grief.  It was just a misunderstanding about what grief is, and what feeling sorry for herself was.  She was doing her version of positive thinking!  My suggestion was to feel the feelings in her body and to know that the sadness she felt would pass if she acknowledged it.  Her pain improved overnight!
So positive thinking is great, in context.  But ignoring what is right there staring you in the face is harmful to the physical and energetic bodies.  So honour what is, even when it's uncomfortable or painful.  And think positive about that discomfort or pain, and know that it will pass, and it's not who you truly are.  Let your mind wander to lovely things too, like your children, pets, flowers etc.  But truly look at what is there and don't push it away.  It will just create a time bomb that will go off later with some sort of health issue.
Many Blessings,